Quartz Worktops


We are happy to offer quartz worktops and surfaces. Quartz is the most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. Quartz is in the sandstones granites, and other igneous rocks, it forms veins in cracks of rocks. Quartz worktops will have a consistence of colour and design of the patterns that you will not get from granite, which is given the name on its natural beauty.

Quartz worktops and surfaces contain some of the smallest amount of resins and that they are man-made and crystal lattice and does not require and specific temperature or pressure to from, occurring naturally from the presence of its component parts.


Quartz is a blend of nature and technology. It brings astounding beauty to new construction and major renovations when used as components to interior architecture, casework and surfaces.  This man-made quartz product provides a durable, scratch resistant surface and requires minimal maintenance.

It is also environmentally friendly, incorporating recycled content materials. Topstone offers this innovative surface from a number of great brands that you can browse and choose to use in your next commercial project, whether it is office space, institutional or multi-family housing.

You can browse through our quarts worktop colours below or click over to our commercial projects page to learn more about our service and contact us. If you would like to learn more about how quartz worktops are made and what types there are you can have a read here.


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